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Trance DJ & Producer
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Top 20 Producer

Kenny Palmer is a name you’ll be hearing lots about over the next 18 months. He’s one of the trance scenes best new talents. His energetic style of trance with big, epic melodies has made a huge impact in the Beatport charts.  As a result, Kenny is presently ranked in the top 20 best trance producers in the world on Beatstats (over 12 months) top 100. With further releases this year and his new label (‘Trancessential Recordings’) due to launch in June – The future shines bright for Kenny.

History in Trance

Although a new name in the current scene, Kenny’s history with trance goes all the way back to 1995. He was a trance DJ at legendary London clubs such as Heaven, Bagleys and The Cross. As well as DJing, he ran his own trance events at The Glasshouse, The Hanover Grand and around the UK. His DJ career from 1993-2009 saw him perform at 100’s of events all around the world. Now fully out of retirement – Kenny is once again available for DJ bookings at gigs in the UK and abroad.

Kenny's Discography

Kenny’s music is played & supported by the best trance DJs in the world, inc:  Billy Gillies, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Dave Pearce, Paul Van Dyk, Allen Watts, Ruben De Ronde, Andrew Rayel, RAM, Photographer, Manuel Le Saux, David Forbes, Will Rees, Paul Denton, Ferry Tayle, Aly & Fila, James Dymond, Craig Connelly, Sneijder, Robert Nickson, Andi Durrant, Richard Durrand, Artento Divini, Rinaly, Sean Tyas, Talla 2XLC, JES, Xijaro & Pitch, Steve Dekay & more.

Kenny's DJ Gigs

At last there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Events are once again booking DJs for gigs – HWFG! Since the news about clubs reopening, Kenny has got DJ bookings – in London, Birmingham, Hull and abroad in The Netherlands. See below for all confirmed bookings where Kenny will be DJing in 2021.

  • Oct16 Oct17 Amsterdam Panama Club Tickets
  • Nov20 Nov20 Soho, London, UK Orange Yard Tickets

Kenny on Spotify

Do you love to stream uplifting trance music? All of Kenny’s tracks can be found on Spotify and are available for you to stream. These include his Beatport top 10 tracks such as: Quel’Danas, Sen’jin, Sunreaver & There’s No Going Back as well as top 100 tracks such as Lordaeron, Shadowmoon, Shala’nir, Terokkar, Sun’s Reach, Light’s Hope and Aldorei.

Release date: 04/06/2021

Trancessential Recordings

Well it’s finally happening. Kenny is launching his own uplifting trance label called Trancessential Recordings. The label will be the main place he will release his music from June 2021. Kenny has been working hard in the studio during the last few months and now has the first 5 releases done. First up is a remix of a classic track from Hemstock & Jennings called Northern Lights.

New Trance DJ Mix Set

Listen to Kenny’s latest DJ mix on Soundcloud. His new upload includes lots of tracks coming out this year. The mix also features 5 tracks from his new label – Trancessential.


DJ Booking

Kenny Palmer is one of the most popular producers in the world making uplifting trance at the moment. He is now taking bookings for club nights and festivals playing sets purely of his own music. If you would like to hire Kenny’s unique sound for your gig:


Kenny is available for remixing trance tracks for producers and labels. Due to being very busy with writing tracks for his label he will only consider remix requests that appeal to him. If you would like to enquire about hiring Kenny to remix a track for you, contact:

Kenny Palmer is a trance DJ & producer available for DJ bookings in the UK and abroad.

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