Trance Midi Packs & Melodies

My uplifting trance Midi packs will really help speed up your process when making tracks. Save time searching Google and YouTube for help by buying pro midi files for trance. As well as pre-made midi packs, I provide bespoke trance midi melodies which will elevate your track to a pro level. All files are instant download.

Trance Midi Pack Benefits

- See how melodies are made using midi.
- Look at different styles of arps and how they sound.
- Make changes to use the files in your own tracks.
- Save time looking for melody tutorials on YouTube.
- Will work in any DAW inc Ableton, Cubase, Logic Pro, FL Studio.

Bespoke Trance Melody Benefits

- Save time learning or making melodies.
- Give you inspiration to make a new track.
- Have a better chance of signing to a big label.
- Know the main hook of your track will be a hit.
- Cutdown the time to make a track.
- Cheaper than having a track ghost written.