Trance Leads Presets for Sylenth1

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Trance Soundbanks & VST Presets

Creating your own sounds in VST synths like Sylenth1 and Spire can be really time consuming. Whilst it's great to make your own sounds, it can really get in the way of creativity. My trance soundbanks are full of pro level presets which you can instantly load up and use. Strike whilst you're feeling creative and speed up the music writing process. I will be making trance soundsets for Spire very soon, in addition to my trance leads presets for Sylenth which is available now.

Why Use Trance Presets & Sound Banks?

- Speed up your music making process.
- Save time making your own presets.
- Use sounds from chart topping tracks.
- Cheaply priced for what you get.
- Be inspired by new sounds.
- Work in any DAW if you have the VST.
- Download soundbanks instantly.

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