Uplifting Trance Templates

Buying an uplifting trance template is a great way to see how a full track is made in the DAW you use to make music. I presently have DAW templates available for Ableton Live, but will be releasing ones for FL Studio, Cubase and Studio One soon. So why use a trance template?

DAW Templates Benefits

- See how a full track is put together from a Pro.
- Learn about sound layering.
- View FX chains, processing and mixer settings.
- See how automation is used in a track.
- Learn how to improve transitions between sections.
- See the samples used for kicks, percussion, FX etc.
- Use settings and sounds in your own productions.
- Speed up your learning process.
- Instant download

I am aiming to release lots of new templates before the end of 2023.

Buy Trance Templates