'Temple of Storms' Ableton Template

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'Temple of Storms' Ableton Template

'Temple of Storms' Ableton Template

Regular price £265.00
Sale price £265.00 Regular price £325.00
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Product description

Buy and download the Ableton Live Project for this chart smashing track!

For a limited time: Spend £600 or over and get £100 off automatically at checkout.

This was a really big trance release on Positive State.

  • Streamed 150K times so far on Spotify.
  • Reached number 9 in the Beatport trance chart.
  • Reached 53 in the hype chart for all genres and 2 in trance hype.

Now is your chance to see how the track was made and what it was like before getting mastered!

A great opportunity to view all the channels, processing, sounds etc of a successful trance track.

You will see the arrangement in Ableton, all automation, midi files, VST sounds used, samples etc.

Buying the Ableton template project file will show you:

  • The sounds I used
  • Midi, including main melody, bass, pads etc
  • Full arrangement
  • All automation
  • FX chains used

Listen to the track Mastered:

Requirements for this template

Saved in Ableton 12 Standard (would need 12 Standard as a minimum)


All plugins aside from Arts Acoustic should be VST or VST3, so make sure you have those available. I've added presets for the Arts Acoustic parts so you can import into a VST version. If you find a rogue AU plugin let me know and I’ll send you the preset used.

Breakdown of Plugins

Here is where the plugins are used. Even if you don't have all the plugins, you can always get them.

  • Kick: Pro Q 3, Waves Meta Flanger
  • Sub: Spire 1.5, Kickstart 2, Pro Q 3, Waves Rbass Mono, Plugin Alliance Vertigo VSC 2
  • FX Kick
  • Sub Drop
  • Mid Bass: Spire, Pro Q 3, Saturn 2, Kickstart 2, Vertigo VSC 2
  • Bass Loops: Kickstart 2
  • Perc: PA Maag EQ 4, Pro Q 3, Soundtoys Decapitator, Vertigo VSC 2, LFO Tool, Waves SSL Comp Stereo
  • Crash FX: Waves H Delay, Arts Acoustic Reverb, Pro Q 3, LFO Tool, Vertigo VSC 2
  • Acids: Vertigo VSC 2
  • Leads: Saturn 2, Maag EQ 4, Pro Q 3, DJ Swivel Spread, LFO Tool, Vertigo VSC 2, Sylenth 1, Spire, UHE Hive
  • Intro Pluck: Spire, Pro Q 3
  • String: Nexus (Have frozen channel as well)
  • Break Pluck: Sylenth 1, Spire, Saturn 2, Maag EQ 4, Pro Q 3
  • Pad: Spire, Vertigo VSC 2
  • Bass Pad: Sylenth 1, Rbass Stereo, Vertigo VSC 2
  • Bass Lead: Spire, Rbass Stereo, Vertigo VSC 2
  • Vocals: Soundtoys Echo Boy, LFO Tool
  • Risers: Arts Acoustic Reverb
  • FX and Sweeps: LFO Tool
  • Para Comp: Waves SSL Comp Stereo, Pro Q 3
  • Reverb: Arts Acoustic, Pro Q 3, LFO Tool
  • Master: Waves Meta Flanger, Span

After sales:

If you have any problem downloading the file, please email me with details of your purchase and I will be happy to send you the file again. There will be no refunds after purchase. The project is sold as is, So please ensure the project will work for you or you're happy to buy what's needed before buying.

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