Ableton Trance Template Volume 1

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Ableton Trance Template Volume 1

Ableton Trance Template Volume 1

Regular price £20.00
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Product description

An Uplifting Trance Template for Ableton Live from the studio of Kenny Palmer

Here is the first release in my new series of trance templates. First up is an uplifting trance project I have made in Ableton Live.

The project contains all the parts of a full track. The project will be a give you a good idea of what goes into making a track and hopefully help you learn.

In order to make this template accessible to most producers, I have limited use of non-Ableton plugins as much as I could. Aside from a few plugins, everything comes with Abelton Live. Some parts have been bounced down due to being from other VSTs.

To get the most out of / use this template you will need:

  • Ableton Live 11 (Version 11.2.6)
  • Sylenth 1  (VST 2 - version 3.067)
  • Maag EQ4 (from Plugin Alliance)
  • BX Subfilter (free from Plugin Alliance)
  • LFO Tool (from xferrecords)
  • Span (free from Voxengo)

Because the above plugins are pretty much used by most producers, I hope you have these available to use. The Maag EQ4 regularly goes on special offer (sometimes around $29), so keep an eye out for that. If you don't have any of the above plugins, try and get a free trial. The project will work fine without the Maag EQ but certain parts will be missing some high end sparkle.

I do believe projects made in Ableton Live 11.2.6 are not backward compatible. You would need to be using the current release version (11.2.6) to open / use this product. Please ensure you have 11.2.6 before purchasing.

What's included with my trance template:


Ableton Live Project File


5 Leads, 5 Mid Basses, 2 Acids, 1 Pluck , 2 Intro Synths, 1 Bass Pad, 2 Pads, 1 Synth Riser - All Sylenth 1.


Percussion (Kick, Clap, Open Hi Hats, Closed Hi Hats, Drum Loop, Crash, Reverse Crash, Snares etc), FX Samples (Sweeps, Ups & Down FX, Sub Drop, FX Kick), Adlibs.


Leads, Mid Bass, Sub, Snares, Acids, Pads, Bass Pad, Intro Pluck, Synth Riser, Kick.

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