Kenny Palmer 'Unstoppable Force' Studio One Template

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Kenny Palmer 'Unstoppable Force' Studio One Template

Kenny Palmer 'Unstoppable Force' Studio One Template

Regular price £245.00
Sale price £245.00 Regular price £295.00
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Product description

Buy and download the actual Studio One project for my uplifting trance track 'The Unstoppable Force'

For a limited time: Spend £600 or over and get £100 off automatically at checkout.

This project / template in Studio One is just how it was before I sent it off for mastering. I know this may seem pricy compared to uplifting trance templates online but this was for an actual track that was in the Beatport trance charts. Not just a random template thrown together.

You will see the arrangement in Studio One, the midi, sounds, samples and automation.

Buying this template file will show you:

  • The sounds I used
  • Midi, including main melody
  • Arrangement
  • Automation
  • FX processing

Track Preview (after mastering from this project)

Requirements for this template

Studio One Professional 6.5.2


There are a few plugins which are AU as I moved over to Mac just before finishing the track. I have copied the presets used into folders so any which don't load you can load in the preset. All other plugins should be VST or VST3, so make sure you have those available. If you can't load a preset, email me and I'll help you out.

Breakdown of Plugins

Here is where the plugins are used. Even if you don't have all the plugins, you can always get them.

  • Kick: Saturn 2, Pro Q 3, FF Simplon, Waves Meta Flanger
  • Sub: Sylenth, Pro Q 3, Waves Rbass Mono, Vertigo VSC 2, LFO Tool
  • Mids: Sylenth, Pro Q 3, Vertigo VSC 2, Saturn 2, Waves API-550B, Simplon, LFO Tool
  • Perc: Pro Q 3, LFO Tool, SImplon, Waves SSL Comp Stereo
  • Crashes: Arts Acoustic Reverb, Waves H-Delay, Pro Q 3
  • Snares: Pro R 1, Waves Meta Flanger, Simplon, Pro Q 3
  • Drive: Simplon, LFO Tool
  • Quick Pluck: Sylenth, Pro Q 3, Simplon
  • Break Pluck: Vital (free), Maag EQ 4, Pro Q 3, Simplon, LFO Tool, Vertigo VST 2
  • Leads: Spire, Saturn 2, Maag EQ 4, Pro Q 3, Spread, Simplon, LFO Tool, Vertigo VSC 2
  • Bass Pad: Sylenth, Spire, Waves Rbass Stereo, Vertigo VSC 2, Simplon
  • Pads and Voice Pads: Nexus (but have converted both to just audio if you don't have that) Pro Q 3, Simplon, LFO Tool, Vertigo VSC 2
  • Adlibs: Soundtoys Echo Boy, LFO Tool, PRO Q 3
  • Riser: Sylenth, Pro Q 3
  • FX and Sweeps: Pro Q 3, Simplon, LFO Tool
  • Para Comp: Waves SSL Comp Stereo
  • Reverb: Arts Acoustic, Pro Q 3, LFO Tool
  • Delay Send: Waves H Delay, Pro Q 3, LFO Tool
  • Master: Simplon, Waves Meta Flanger

After sales:

If you have any problem downloading the file, please email me with details of your purchase and I will be happy to send you the file again. There will be no refunds after purchase. The project is sold as is, So please ensure the project will work for you or you're happy to buy what's needed before buying.

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