Uplifting Trance Leads Template for Ableton

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Uplifting Trance Leads Template for Ableton Live

Looking to improve the sound of the leads in your tracks?

My new Ableton Live template (featuring the melody from my track Forge of Souls) shows you the construction of the melody and how I would go about building leads and processing them.

In order to use this Ableton template you will need to have the plugins listed below.

You will need (unless alternative stated):

  • Ableton Live 11 (Version 11.2.11)
  • Sylenth 1  (VST 3 - version 3.073)
  • Saturn 2 (VST 3 - FabFilter)
  • Maag EQ4 (VST 3 - Plugin Alliance)
  • Ozone 9 Imager (VST 3 - Ableton alternative in project)
  • Vertigo VSC2 (VST 3 - Plugin Alliance)
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb (VST 2)
  • LFO Tool (VST 3 - XFer. Only used for SC clap, so not essential)

Please ensure you have the above plugins before purchase. No refunds can be given once the template has been downloaded.

What's included with my trance template:

  • Ableton Live Project File
  • 4 Leads - All Sylenth 1.
  • Processing FX for Leads.
  • Forge of Souls Melody Midi - not to be used in tracks).
  • FX Samples (used on actual Forge of Souls breakdown).
  • Automation.

Disclaimer: Not actual leads used in released track. I have remade using similar sounds for the purpose of the template.