Trance Melody & Leads FX Tutorial / Video

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Watch Me Make a Trance Melody & Process the Leads

Would you like to see how I make the leads sound big and spacious in my trance tracks? My new tutorial video will let you see my screen whilst I work on a track. This video will let you see (and hear) me write a melody, then process the leads with FX. No talking. no BS. No editing. Just a few screen recordings of me working in Ableton on a real track.

Aside from the melody writing, all aspects of the videos will be transferrable to any DAW. So whether you use Ableton, Cubase, Logic Pro, Studio One or FL Studio, it doesn't matter. Most DAWs allow you to set a key in the piano roll. So you should be able to do similar yourself when making a melody.

What you will see / hear in the tutorial videos

  • 1. Making a melody (13.02 minutes).
  • 2. Gainstaging & EQing the leads (22.24 minutes).
  • 3. Adding FX to the leads (22.24 minutes).
  • 4. Adding reverb to the leads (9.58 minutes).
  • 5. Melody & leads end result (0.58 minutes).

You will need a stable internet connection to download. Zipped file size is 3.12gb.