Trancessential Recordings

Trancessential Recordings is Kenny's main home for his music.

The label launched in June 2021 and has since become a big success. Releases regularly chart in the trance top 20 on Beatport and top 10 on Beatport hype.

The label is ranked in the top 50 best trance record labels in the world (on Beatstats). A great feat with only 1 release a month.

Latest Release


Due to only releasing once or twice a month, only exceptional demos will be considered for release with us. If you would like us to listen to your demo, email us:

Before emailing please ensure:

  • Your track is finished and mastered ready for release
  • You have not sent it to another label
  • Download of the WAV is enabled on Soundcloud

License Our Tracks

If you would like to license any of our tracks, please get in touch using the email below.

Contact the Label

trancessential @ (remove the spaces)