How to Make Trance Music

Learn How to Make Trance Like a Pro

Are you looking to learn how to make trance music? Or looking to improve the sound of tracks you produce to a pro level?

I will be releasing lots of trance music tutorials over the next 12 months which will help you.

Although my tutorials will be mainly be made in Abeton Live, all processing will be transferrable to any DAW. I will be releasing videos in Cubase, FL Studio and Studio One too.

So why buy my trance tutorials?

- 5th best selling trance artist in 2021 (Beatport Sales).
- Top 20 best selling in 2022 (Beatport Sales).
- Release with labels such as Armada, Subculture, FSOE, Afterdark.
- Lots of top 10 & 20 tracks on Beatport.
- Over 2.5 million streams on Spotify.
- I will actually show you real processing I would use.

What sort of trance tutorials will I release?

- Trance melody construction.
- Leads FX processing.
- How to make trance from beginner to pro series.
- How to use Ableton Live tutorials.
- Getting started making trance in Cubase.
- How to get started in FL Studio.
- Let's make a trance track in Studio One.
- Making a trance track start to finish in Ableton.
- How to EQ and process kicks.
- Plus much more.